Through co-operation of the Ministry of Education and Science and Iespejama misija, at the end of 2014 a change in the rules of the Cabinet of Ministers was achieved, technically allowing an alternative pathway into teaching. At the beginning of 2015, Iespejama misija’s Leadership Development Programme was approved as the first (and currently the only) programme to fit the criteria of this pathway. This project will allow Iespejama misija to implement the pathway and to test its effectiveness, generating data and evidence to consider changes in further policies on alternative pathways in teaching, as well as changes in traditional paths to teaching that promote practices such as active recruitment, selection, and practical training. Iespejama misija will recruit, select, train, place, and support 30 trainees working in schools for the project duration of two years. Based on the project’s evaluation, Iespejama misija will also seek improve its own processes, and together with the Ministry, will analyze which of the tested best practices should be introduced to pathways to teaching in Latvia and how. Iespejama misija is delegated to implement the project in Latvia. Iespejama misija will take active part in all project management bodies on a national and international level.