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NEWTT Mentorship Training in Sofia

Forty-five teacher mentors and school principals from 17 schools took part in the two-day NEWTT mentorship training in Sofia in the beginning of February. Dr. Neli Koleva, Chief officer of Public Partnerships at Teach For Bulgaria, delivered a presentation about NEWTT - goals, design, impact, and preliminary results. The mentors and school principals had the opportunity to discuss and work in small groups, moderated by professors from Plovdiv University. All participants received a certificate for their active participation and successful completion of the two-day mentorship training.


Founder and CEO of Teach For Bulgaria, Evgenia Peeva-Kirova presented NEWTT at a panel during the first European Education Summit in Brussels on Jan 25, 2018, in Brussels. The Summit was hosted by Tibor Navracsics, EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport and was attended by EU education ministers, education practitioners, stakeholders and business leaders. Tibor Navracsics opened with the following statement: “After years of crisis, education is back where it belongs: on top of the European agenda.”

The Bulgarian Minister of Education and Science, Krasimir Valchev, also gave an opening address stating that the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union would send a strong message to the future generation that their education was an important priority for the European community.

Evgenia Peeva-Kirova shared that the NEWTT interim evaluation was the first proof we had that bringing successful, motivated individuals to the classrooms that need them the most, benefits the students, the school teams and the system as a whole.



Founder and CEO of Teach For Bulgaria, Evgenia Peeva-Kirova and Neli Koleva, Chief Officer of Public Partnerships took part in a work meeting with members of the European Parliament and the European Commission in Brussels on Jan 24, 2018. The discussion was framed by the current cross-European education priorities in the context of Bulgaria’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The meeting was hosted by the Bulgarian MEP Eva Maydell (Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria/European People's Party). The Bulgarian Minister of Education and Science, Krasimir Valchev, Deputy Minister - Denitsa Sacheva, and Teach For Bulgaria presented key lessons learned and potential policy implications from the policy experimentation project NEWTT. Evgenia Peeva-Kirova and Neli Koleva informed the guests that over 560 teachers will be trained in the new alternative pathway tested by the policy experimentation project in the next 5 years.

Members of the European Parliament - actively involved in education and youth policy attended the meeting: Asim Ademov (Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria/European People's Party), Filiz Hyusmenova (Bulgaria, Movement for Rights and Freedoms/Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe), Svetoslav Malinov (Democrats for Strong Bulgaria/European People's Party), Georgi Pirinski (Bulgarian Socialist Party/Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats), Sean Kelly (Ireland, European People's Party), Tom Vandenkendelaere (Belgium, European People's Party), Emilian Pavel (Romania, Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats), Tomáš Zdechovský (Czech Republic, European People's Party).



On Saturday 13th January 2018 a round table to discuss NEWTT was organized in Bilbao with participants, headteachers and different schools representatives that are part of the pilots. The Basque Goverment and the Heads of two Universities running the Masters of Teacher Training were also present. Participants shared their experience on NEWTT and reflected on the learnings from the pilot. The importance of a good design of recruitment and selection structure, induction and training to teaching was also debated.


The annual Education Conference, co-organized by Education Bulgaria 2030 and Teach For Bulgaria, took place in Sofia on Nov 10, 2017 and was attended by over 400 guests. One of the panels was called “A New Way for New Talent in Teaching” and it was dedicated to the NEWTT project. Dr. Neli Koleva, Chief Officer of Public Partnerships at Teach For Bulgaria, Prof. Galin Tsokov from Plovdiv University, Rosen Bogomilov, Teach For Bulgaria alum and history teacher, and Denitsa Kombishkova, English teacher and current participant in the program and in the NEWTT pilot, took part in the panel to share their experience, and took questions from the audience.


In November 18th Teach For Austria's 5 year anniversary took place at Gartenpalais Liechtenstein in Vienna. Teach For Austria celebrated the accomplishments of the past five years together with 950 supporters including associates, alumni, politicians, teachers, network representatives, donors, students, families and friends. It was a great opportunity to discuss Teach For Austria´s approach with important national and international stakeholders. 

The anniversary celebration offered a varied, hands-on programme. One of the highlights were the "Silent Stories", where various trainees of the NEWTT pilot presented their individual experiences as young teachers. The trainees' anecdotes and short stories gave great insight into their day to day lives, their biggest challenges as well as greatest successes.  The NEWTT-storytelling session attracted a big audience and showcased how alternative ways into teaching can be rewarding for students, schools and trainees alike. 


On Nov 8, the 2017 Innovators in Education award ceremony took place at the literary club Peroto in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia. This year the annual Innovators in Education initiative was organized by ERP Academy. Over 50 education projects participated in the competition. Plovdiv University was nominated in the University Category and won first prize for the innovative university programs for its work as part of the NEWTT project with Teach For Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science. Professor Galin Tzokov from Plovdiv University and Dr. Neli Koleva from Teach For Bulgaria accepted the prize at the official ceremony.



A round table organized by Teach For Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Union of Teachers presented the White Paper - a collection of best practices for the recruitment, selection, training, support, and retention of motivated professionals in the teaching profession



NEWTT Breakfast Event

On November 22nd another NEWTT event took place at the Teach For Austria office in Vienna. This time it was a special event with a small group: About 20 stakeholders from Teacher Training Institutes, Universities, ministries and the Austrian project partners met to discuss early project results in a confidential setting. Hermann Abs and Eva Anderson Pak from the University Duisburg-Essen presented the study results via video conference. The following discussion focussed on strengths and weakneses of the study design as well as different ways into teaching in general.  

The NEWTT project was one of the highlights of the 'Education Rewrites the Story' Conference hosted by Teach For Romania. Neli Koleva, Lead Project Manager from Teach For Bulgaria was invited to speak about the project in her capacity as Lead of the NEWTT Consortium. She shared some of the interim evaluation results from the project to an audience including School Principals, Teach For Romania participants and staff, Government Officials and students.


On Tuesday 4th June 2017 the dissemination event "New Ways into Teaching: Gemeinsam Zukunft bilden" took place in Austria. It was organized by our Austrian project partners Teach For Austria (TFA), the Federation of Austrian Industries (FAI) and the Vienna Board of Education (VBE). At the beginning of the event Heinrich Himmer (VBE), Christian Friesl (IV) and Walter Emberger (TFA) stressed the importance of different ways into the teaching profession. 


More than 60 stakeholders from the school edcuation area in Austria used this opportunity to learn more about the project, and the alternative and traditional pathways into the teaching profession. They also had the opportunity to discuss the challenges and developments in the education system. Marie Hamer from the Institute of Teaching in the United Kingdom did the keynote speech on "The teacher’s developmental journey towards mastery". 

Iespējamā misija (Mission Possible)'s Teacher Forum - March 2017

In March 2017 in Riga, Mission Possible's Teacher Forum took place and it brought together around 250-300 teachers and school principals. The forum made it possible for all participants to share thoughts and ideas and the theory of change of Iespējamā misija (Mission Possible) was presented. NEWTT was also introduced to those attending. There were various workshops for teachers and head teachers form different schools of Latvia, led by fellows and alumni.