National Pilots

The NEWTT project consists of piloting and testing different alternative pathways to teacher certification in 5 European countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, and the Basque Region of Spain. These countries are currently or will soon be facing shortages of effective teachers overall and especially in schools serving underprivileged communities (e.g., poor students, students from ethnic minorities, students from disadvantaged groups). The project is run in each country by a national consortium of 2 or 3 partners who collaborate to implement the pilot designed by the national consortium lead partner. In total, NEWTT involves 15 partners who collaborate together to define innovative, value-added ways to bring new talent into teaching. See below for more information on each national pilot.

The Consortium of partners in Austria is composed of 3 partners: Teach For Austria, the Vienna Board of Education and the Federation of Austrian Industries.

Teach For Austria will be leading the consortium as the project is implemented in Austria, and will be collaborating with the Vienna Board of Education and the Federation of Austrian Industries (IV). Teach For Austria’s role will be... Read more

The pilot in Bulgaria is led under the leadership of Teach For Bulgaria and in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria and Plovdiv University. The pilot consist of testing 2 alternative pathways (Track 1 and Track 2), each including 70 trainees. The Track 1 alternative pathway includes trainees who were recruited, selected, trained, placed and are now supported... Read more

Through co-operation of the Ministry of Education and Science and Iespejama misija, at the end of 2014 a change in the rules of the Cabinet of Ministers was achieved, technically allowing an alternative pathway into teaching. At the beginning of 2015, Iespejama misija’s Leadership Development Programme was approved as the first (and currently the only) programme to fit the criteria of this... Read more

The project proposes a strong and highly visible intervention, attracting, selecting and developing the brightest and most motivated students and young professionals into two year teaching placements in the country’s most difficult schools. Our transformational teachers will show, through example that underperforming schools and students can excel if given the right opportunity and support.... Read more

In the Basque Country, we aim to test a new model to improve on the attraction, selection, induction and training of prospective teachers.

The pilot program will target talented, socially-committed graduates, actively attract, recruit and select 20 of them through a competency-based selection model to take part in a Teacher-in-Training Induction Program. In effect, by supplementing the... Read more