The Consortium of partners in Austria is composed of 3 partners: Teach For Austria, the Vienna Board of Education and the Federation of Austrian Industries.

Teach For Austria will be leading the consortium as the project is implemented in Austria, and will be collaborating with the Vienna Board of Education and the Federation of Austrian Industries (IV). Teach For Austria’s role will be to:

- Manage the entire project implementation, oversee progress, collect data and evidence that planned activities have taken place.

- Coordinate activities with the international NEWTT consortium

- Write up regular reports following EC requirements

- Co-design alternative pathway with other project partners and third parties

- Deliver program from recruitment until end of two years in teaching; training will be delivered in part by Teach for Austria

- Use the results from the project to improve its own processes for bringing new teachers to schools and to propose ways to adapt the program for scalable systemic outcomes

- Support the Vienna Board of Education in deriving key learnings from the pilot and seeking ways to implement the derived best practices for attracting, selecting, training, and retaining new teachers across the school system 

- Communicate and promote the leanings nationally and internationally