Federation of Austrian Industries

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The Federation of Austrian Industries, currently comprising about 4,200 members, is a voluntary body representing the interests of Austrian industry. The organization is run by office-holders serving on a voluntary basis as well as staff in paid employment. Besides the nine independent Regional Groups, the Federal organisation and an office in Brussels provide a broad range of services for the members of the Federation of Austrian Industries.As a member of Businesseurope, the Confederation of European Business, the Federation of Austrian Industries takes guidance from the agenda of the European Union and is intensively involved in European affairs. Through the Federation of Austrian Industries’ Brussels office, Austrian industry has maintained direct contacts with the European Union and its institutions since 1988.For the Federation of Austrian Industries, education is at the core of economic well-being on the business, individual, and national level. Therefore the Federation of Austrian Industries has launched education programmes and initiatives such as “Beste Bildung für Österreichs Zukunft” (in 2014 - document in German) and Neustart Schule (in 2014).