Teach For Austria

National Pilot: 

Teach For Austria’s vision is for all kids, irrespective of their socio-economic background, to have access to an excellent education and to be able to shape their own and Austria’s future. Teach For Austria aims to reduce disadvantage in the Austrian education system, which, according to OECD PISA results, is one of the most unequal. The model of Teach For Austria is to recruit excellent and highly motivated recent university graduates and young professionals with strong leadership skills, prepare, and support them to become full-time teachers for two years in schools with a high percentage of students from socio-economic disadvantaged backgrounds. The program’s goal is to raise student achievement and aspirations, thus improving their life opportunities. Teach For Austria started with a cohort of 24 fellows in 2012; in 2016-17, it seeks to place and support 50 new trainees.