Vienna Board of Education

National Pilot: 

With over 400 members of staff, the Vienna Board of Education is a public authority and the official institution responsible for the education and schooling of all pupils aged between 6 and 19 living in the Federal Province of Vienna, the capital of Austria. On one hand the Vienna Board of Education reports to the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and on the other hand to the Government of the Federal Province of Vienna. 

The European Office (EUB) belongs to the presidential department of the Vienna Board of Education and is divided into two sections. Firstly, the department of foreign languages aims to innovate and develop modern language learning in Viennese schools. Our office coordinates the employment of all Native Speaker Teachers in Vienna and provides support to all foreign language initiatives starting from primary school to compulsory lower secondary level. Besides pedagogical, budgetary and administrative work, we provide in-service training of teachers, support and development of lesson plans and curricula.

Secondly, the department of international projects and affairs, a specialized unit responsible for international, in particular European affairs, and emphasizing the European Dimension within the field of education. That includes initiating, planning and implementing of European Union-funded projects, international contacts to foreign institutions as/like the European Commission, Council of Europe, embassies and cultural institutes and coordinating and documenting Educational Initiatives of the European Union as well as Public Relation, see website

Over the years, the European Office has gained extensive experience in the development, implementation, and management of European Union co-financed projects and in many cases; it has been the Lead Partner in these projects.

Contact: Europa Büro des Stadtschulrats für Wien, Auerspergstraße 15/42, 1080 Vienna