The pilot in Bulgaria is led under the leadership of Teach For Bulgaria and in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria and Plovdiv University. The pilot consist of testing 2 alternative pathways (Track 1 and Track 2), each including 70 trainees. The Track 1 alternative pathway includes trainees who were recruited, selected, trained, placed and are now supported exclusively by Teach For Bulgaria and who are working in pilot schools serving vulnerable communities for the project duration of two years. The other 70 trainees, who are part of the Track 2 alternative pathway, were recruited and placed in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Plovdiv University. Their selection, training and support are provided by Teach For Bulgaria.  

The objective of the Bulgarian national consortium of partners is to collaborate in deriving key learnings from the alternative pathways and seeking ways to implement the tested best practices for attracting, selecting, training, and retaining new teachers across the school system in Bulgaria. In addition, some of the new practices tested in this national pilot  – such as providing specialized training for school-based mentors, principals and assessors – integrating Teach For Bulgaria’s expertise – will be readily integrated into the national education practices as the Ministry of Education and Science has already planned the implementation of these new elements for effective new teacher support and integration at school.