Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski"

National Pilot: 

Plovdiv University is one of the leading teacher training and certification universities in Bulgaria, with its pedagogical department founded in 1984. The improvement of teachers’ qualifications and their professional skills has been a main focus in the last years. Therefore, Plovdiv University’s pedagogical department applied for and was awarded a grant from the America for Bulgaria Foundation to update its curriculum for undergraduate and graduate students and introduce new courses on effective school leadership, effective classroom management, and school education policies. In addition, the program will introduce a practical advisory/mentorship component for new teachers and principals during their first year on the job. The project is called Better Teachers – Higher Quality Education and is being supported by Bank Street College, a leading American institution preparing educators and educational leaders. Plovdiv University will integrate all learnings and design an innovative MA program for the Erasmus+ project. Thus, there is a logical continuity and relevance of actions that are aimed at improving teacher qualification programs at the university and introducing new elements such as “on-the-job” learning, mentoring and support structures, and on-going performance evaluations for students.