Spain - Basque Country

In the Basque Country, we aim to test a new model to improve on the attraction, selection, induction and training of prospective teachers.

The pilot program will target talented, socially-committed graduates, actively attract, recruit and select 20 of them through a competency-based selection model to take part in a Teacher-in-Training Induction Program. In effect, by supplementing the current Masters Program with a two-year residence and additional training, we would be developing a residence-based teacher-training program –with a competence-based selection process.

Participants will receive an initial training with a strong practical component (Summer Institute) before they start the Masters Program and are placed in public schools -selected by the Education Department. Afterwards, and during two school-years, they will collaborate and develop their teaching competences as teachers-in-training, receiving both theoretical and practical ongoing support that will supplement what they learn in the University. Students will have Universities’ and Empieza por Educar´s tutors and school mentors who will closely observe and assess on their performance throughout the program.