Empieza Por Educar

National Pilot: 

Empieza por Educar was founded in 2010 to help eliminate school failure and educational inequalities in our country. Our mission is to build a movement of change agents that - in collaboration with others - contribute in helping all children, starting with the most vulnerable, have meaningful lives through education. To achieve our mission we attract the best university graduates and select them for a professional development program. We are currently a community of more than 150 members from different perspectives committed to educational equality and working for more than 8.000 students: as teachers; principals; entrepreneurs; NGO activists.

Empieza por Educar will be the project coordinator of the Basque Country consortium, assuming the responsibility for the planning and management of the program, as well as leading the implementation of the pilot. Empieza por Educar will be in charge of the recruitment, selection, training and mentoring of the participants in the pilot and will support the external evaluator in the field work required to develop the impact analysis. Apart from that, ExE will lead the dissemination and communication of the results and will collaborate with the Basque Ministry of Education in the exploitation of the key learnings.