Ministry of Education and Scientific Research in Romania - Ministerul Educatiei si Cercetarii Stiintifice

National Pilot: 

The Ministry of Education and Scientific Research is the central public authority responsible for the planning, management, execution, and control of state activities at the kindergarten, school, and university level in Romania.  Furthermore, it takes full accountability of applying the current education law and all underlying legal acts that describe the implementation of education policies in the system. In recent national strategies and policy documents, the Ministry has recognized the need to focus on reducing the school dropout rate.  In a recent strategy document entitled “Strategy for Reducing School Dropout Rates,” the Ministry identified the following four key pillars in its strategy: 1) Ensuring access to education and to quality education for all children, 2) Ensuring the completion of mandatory education for all children, 3) Reintegrating into the education system of school dropouts, and 4) Developing adequate institutional support.