NEWTT at the 5th Anniversary party of Teach For Austria!

In November 18th Teach For Austria's 5 year anniversary took place at Gartenpalais Liechtenstein in Vienna. Teach For Austria celebrated the accomplishments of the past five years together with 950 supporters including associates, alumni, politicians, teachers, network representatives, donors, students, families and friends. It was a great opportunity to discuss Teach For Austria´s approach with important national and international stakeholders. 

The anniversary celebration offered a varied, hands-on programme. One of the highlights were the "Silent Stories", where various trainees of the NEWTT pilot presented their individual experiences as young teachers. The trainees' anecdotes and short stories gave great insight into their day to day lives, their biggest challenges as well as greatest successes.  The NEWTT-storytelling session attracted a big audience and showcased how alternative ways into teaching can be rewarding for students, schools and trainees alike.